Cooke Anamorphic/i SF

HyperFocal Camera’s is now renting Cooke Anamorphic/i SF (Special Flare). Feel free to get in touch if you want to test them.


Cooke S7i

Cooke S7i Prime lenses now renting @hyperfocalcameras


Pine Gap 14th October

The NETFLIX/ABC Series - Pine Gap Screens on ABC on 14th October and later streaming worldwide on NETFLIX. It’s the first NETFLIX series in Australia to shoot on Canon C700GS supplied by HyperFocal™. Catch the trailer below……

Canon C700 FF

Another win for HyperFocal™.....The very first C700 FF in Australia hits the shelves and is now available to rent @HyperFocalCameras


Teradek Bolt 1000

Teradek Bolt 1000 now on the shelves for rental @hyperfocalcameras


Blackmagic Design Video Assist

7" Blackmagic Design 4K Video Assist Now renting.  Easily mounted in a directors cage as single or a pair for wireless monitoring.

Canon 30-300mm

Now available @hyperfocalcameras Canon 30-300mm T2.95 Cinema Zoom.  PL or EF mounted.  compatable with all our cameras.

Canon Cinema EOS C700 GS Now Renting

HyperFocal™ is proud to announce the arrival of the PL Mounted Canon Cinema EOS C700's with Global Shutter.  NETFLIX approved and going straight out to work on the NETFLIX Series "PINE GAP" in South Australia and The Northern Territory.  Good luck for the shoot....!


Atomos SUMO 19


Atomos SUMO 19 Now renting at HyperFocal™,  4 Camera inputs, all simultaneously recordable in 4K with split screen. HDR 1200NIT Brightness, daylight viewable.



MIRO ...The Australian WWII Western starring Mark Coles Smith, Directed by Victoria Wharfe McIntyre and Photographed by Kevin Scott with an ARRI Alexa XT and Cooke Anamorphic/i Primes from HyperFocal™ has just made it into 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival.  Congratulations to all involved. MIFF


Double up on AMIRA!

HyperFocal™ has just doubled up on AMIRA's having just taken delivery of our 2nd Premium AMIRA in as many months

HyperFocal™ has just doubled up on AMIRA's having just taken delivery of our 2nd Premium AMIRA in as many months



ARRI AMIRA with premium licence now renting at HyperFocal™ meaning we have a full compliment of ARRI Camera's - Alexa Classic, Alexa MINI, AMIRA, Alexa XT, Alexa SXT

Red Dog True Blue

The sequel to one of the most popular Australian Movies ever, is released in Cinema's on Boxing Day.  Shot with Arri Alexa XT's and a full set the new Cooke Anamorphic/i range of lenses from HyperFocal™ this movie promises a great story and stunning images.  Watch the trailer below......



The brand new Alexa SXT hits the shelves at HyperFocal™ Camera's & Lenses



Doctor Doctor

Channel 9's new series Doctor Doctor starts tonight at 8.40pm

A full package of Arri Alexa XT, Alexa MINI, Alexa Classic, Cooke 5i Primes & Fujinon Cabrio CineZooms from HyperFocal™ helped make it look as good as it does.......


65mm Anamorphic/i Macro

HyperFocal™ Camera's is proud to announce the arrival of the long awaited Cooke Anamorphic/i 65mm T2.6 Macro. The set is now 32mm 40mm 50mm 65mm Macro 75mm 100mm 135mm.  The perfect Portrait available for rental.

135mm Anamorphic/i

The new Cooke  Anamorphic/i 135mm T2.3 has just been to delivered to HyperFocal™ in Sydney.  The new lens expands the set to 32mm 40mm 50mm 75mm 100mm & 135mm.  With our new Anamorphic doubler you also make a 150mm 200mm & 270mm true anamorphic lens. 


HyperFocal™ Camera's has just taken delivery of the new PL mounted 4K Fujinon 19-90 T2.9 Cabrio CineZoom.  The new lens has taken the original Fujinon 19-90 Cabrio to a new level, the glass now keeping up with the ARRI Alexa MINI, ARRI Amira, Canon C300 MK2 and the ARRI Alexa SXT which we have coming soon.  The new lens is now available to rent at HyperFocal™ Sydney.



STAN is now streaming all episodes of "WOLF CREEK" a 6 Part season shot with a 4 camera package from HyperFocal™ Camera's & Lenses.  

Check out the trailer..... WOLF CREEK TRAILER

NAB 2016

A great trip to NAB in Las Vegas resulted amongst other things,  in the confirmation by Cooke Optics of a delivery date for some more Cooke Anamorphic/i Primes for HyperFocal™.  Looking forward to getting these to Sydney very soon.