Leica 'R' PRIMES


A brand new lens housing from G.L. Optics using full frame Vintage Leica "R" glass offers a unique combination of sharpness, creamy fall off, and stunning bokeh.    Superb mechanical performance with control of flare, distortion, veiling glare and spherical aberrations at full aperture.  The newly designed cam-style focus mechanism allows for smooth focus adjustments with 330 degree turn. The Leica “R” lenses have qualities that help gain personality and favourable characteristics, especially in flesh tones.  It has been said many times over the years that Leica "R" glass makes the worlds best photographic lenses. Perfect with a Canon C700FF.

19mm Elmarit R T2.8

28mm Elmarit R T2.8

35mm Summilux R T1.4

50mm Summilux R T1.4

80mm Summilux R T1.4

135mm Elmarit R T2.8

All 95mm front diameter

PL Mount

All lenses cover Full Frame Sensors 8K

Image Circle 43.4mm