FUJINON CABRIO 19mm-90mm V.2 CineZoom


New 4K V.2 Fujinon PL mounted compact zoom 19-90mm T2.9 covers all 35mm format digital cameras & includes a removable Cabrio Servo Motor. This new version of the popular lens keeps the glass up to date with 4K shooting from the ARRI Alexa MINI, ARRI Alexa SXT, ARRI Amira and Canon C300 MK2.    With the servo motor it is ideally suited for both drama and documentary & suits cinematographers and ENG cameramen a like.


Weight 2.7kg with Servo Motor - 2.2kg without Servo Motor

114mm front diameter

LDS technology

Close Focus 2ft 8"

Our kit comes complete with 4K Fujinon Cinezoom 19mm-90mm Cabrio & servo motor.

85mm - 300mm Cabrio Cinezoom also available