Canon C700 FF


5.9K Canon C700FF Full Frame film style digital camera with Full Frame spherical, NETFLIX approved 4K 'crop' or 2 x anamorphic with 4K finish.

If required the C700FF will shoot a full frame sensor then internally down sample to 4K ProRes meaning you get all the advantages of the full frame look but with realistic data flow and post production costs.

1 - 168FPS

38.1mm x 20.1mm Sensor

5°-358° shutter

Base ISO 800  Range 200 - 102,400 ISO
White Balance 2000°k - 11,000°k variable at 100° intervals
Canon C700 FF weighs only 3.6kg
15 Stops latitude

Internal ND's 10 Stops

WiFi Control by iOS and Android devices

Canon Raw 5.9K
ProRes 4K
ProRes 2K


CFast 2.0 128GB Cards for faster download and higher Speeds. On board 4K full frame recording.

Our kit comes complete with 5.9K PL or EF  Mounted Canon C700 FF Digital Camera, EVF-70 Electronic Viewfinder, 19mm Rods, BP-8 Base Plate, 15mm lightweight Rods & baseplate, ARRI Accessories and VF extension, Vlock Plate with 1 x DTap  ARRI VF Bracket, ARRI Slide Plate, ARRI Eye Piece Leveller, 5 x CFast2.0 SSD, 2 x CFast2.o Readers, ARRI Moulded Shoulder Pad,  2 x Eyepiece Cables,  Power Cables.