The Angéniuex Optimo style 25-250 zoom lens offers an aperture of T3.5 across the zoom range without concern about loss of quality.  This 10x zoom lens is inspired by the legendary Angénieux 25-250mm zoom.  All Optimo style lenses are carefully manufactured to achieve a resolution of 4K and beyond.  It has a close focus of 4ft and weighs only 7.3kg.   It features built-in encoders providing metadata via the standard /i Technology developed by Cooke.  With an industry first collaboration between Angénieux and Cooke Optics, this long range zoom lens is perfectly colour matched and suited to shooting along side our Cooke 5/i or S4/i Primes.


T3.5 continuous with no loss

PL mount easily converted to PV

Internal focus / zoom - extremely well controlled distortion & breathing

136mm Front Diameter, Close Focus 4ft

Built in Cooke/i protocol consisting of focusing distance, aperture, depth-of-field, hyperfocal distance & focal length

4K resolution and beyond

Length 377mm

Weight 7.3kg

Our kit comes complete with Optimo style 25-250 zoom lens, 19mm lens support